Saturday, December 8, 2007

Key to Choosing Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

There are various forms of term life insurance available. The main feature of term life insurance is that it offers death protection, protection for a stated time period, referred to as a term.

Term life insurance is the easiest to understand. It's very simple, and it was intended to provide temporary life insurance for people who have a limited budget available. Term life insurance can be purchased in relatively small amounts.

A good use of term life insurance is to buy a large amount that would cover a loan. For example a loan on the home, a mortgage as that is a temporary and defined time period. For paying off the mortgage, the loan is a short range loan to fulfill a short range goal. This is a good idea to use during the child rearing years.

A term life insurance policy can be renewed once the term is ending. To continue it will continue add higher premiums as the insured is older at the time of renewal. In most states the insurance can be renewed as late as age 85 or 95.

The Advantages of Term Life Insurance.

  • Term life insurance is affordable. The premiums can be adjustable, which means the company may raise or lower them at some point that's been specified in the policy based on changes in the policy owners life.
  • Even though term life insurance can be renewed, at the time of renewal the policy owners life is probably at a different age and his health may be different so the terms of payment may be higher.
  • While term life insurance does not have the greatest long lasting benefit it serves a valuable purpose in the short term. It's easy to understand and easier to afford than other life insurance products.
  • A term life insurance policy can be converted to a permanent life insurance policy within the same insurance company to age 75.
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